Trading Your Vehicle

At Super Dave’s we make trading out of your old vehicle an easy and seamless process. We will take anything on trade, regardless of condition we will make sure to get you top dollar for your used vehicle!

How we do it: We start by appraising your vehicle. We do that by reviewing the vehicle and its condition with you. We will look over things such as its vehicle history, the body condition and the mechanical condition. All these elements go into determining what the value would be. We have dedicated professionals that do these appraisals to help make the process as quick and accurate as possible.

What if I owe money on my trade? It's very common when people need to trade, they may still owe money on their used car. We would do our usual appraisal and then verify the amount of money you owe. If you owe less money on your trade then what it is worth, that will mean you have equity in your used vehicle and it would reduce the amount of money you would owe against the new vehicle. If you owe more money on your trade, then what it's worth that is also OK. We can take the extra amount of money owed on your trade and put it on top of your new loan. Sometimes it's possible the amount may be too much, but most of the time we are able to take care of it no problem!

What if you are going to deliver the vehicle to me? That is not a problem! We will go over our trade appraisal process with you over the phone or over email. When our driver arrives to deliver your new vehicle, they will go over your trade to verify all the information you gave us about your used truck, suv or car.

My vehicle is not in good shape: That is not a problem at all, we will take your vehicle on trade no matter what. If you are worried about that and are considering fixing it first, don’t. Usually the amount of money you would spend to fix your trade you would not get back. As we have our own mechanics its almost always cheaper for us to fix it. You get a better value by using those funds as a down payment.

Can I Refinance my auto loan? Unfortunately, you can't. Refinancing auto loans is not something that lenders do. They want to finance a new vehicle that has been newly reconditioned by the selling dealership, not do a refinancing auto loan.

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