Super Dave's In House Financing Program

Super Dave’s offers a one of a kind in house finance program through our finance company Start Fresh Finance to ensure we can get auto loan approvals for everyone.

What is In House Financing?

In House Financing is when a car dealership finances you the vehicle themselves, instead of using outside finance companies or banks. This can often be a great option for an individual that is having difficulty getting any banks to approve an auto loan. Because we are doing the finance ourselves, we don’t have to ask any banks for permission, we approve your loan ourselves. This is a great option for bad credit car loans in Halifax or all over the Maritimes.

Why it's a Great Option

When a dealership does in house financing, they are assuming the future risk of you paying for your vehicle. This means that we have an interest in making sure you can make all the payments throughout the term of the loan. We are going to want to make sure we are confident that the vehicle is in great mechanical shape so it can make it through the loan with the lowest amount of possible mechanical issues. The more mechanical issues the vehicle has, the less likely you can afford to make payments. We also want to ensure we select an appropriate term for you. We don’t want the term of the loan to be so long that as you are still making payments for the vehicle, the amount owing is way more than the value of the loan.

More Great Benefits

  • With all our in-house auto loans we offer a free, 50-50 power train warranty for the entire loan term. What that means is that if the power train goes at any point during the loan, we would pay half and the customer pays half.
  • We offer our accident loan forgiveness. This works similar to GAP insurance. If the insurance company gives you a check for the vehicle, If the check does not pay off your whole loan, we pay off the rest.
  • It will come Super Certified with the same great benefits you get with any Super Dave’s Car

How is it different from regular financing?

When we in house auto finance, the relationship with our customer becomes so much more important. When we approve someone, we don’t only look at your credit score. We look at someone’s entire situation, we don’t just treat people like a number. There are so many reason's someone may end up with credit problems or in a situation that a bank may not finance them. We want to make sure we understand the whole situation and find a way to say YES!

Will in House Financing Fix My Credit?

Only you can fix your credit, however we do report all our in house auto loans to Equifax and Transunion. By getting a new auto loan that reports on your credit and making good payments on it, over time that can help your credit score. To learn more about things you can do to help yourself fix your credit, please ask us, we want to help!

What is buy here pay here?

That is another term that some people use for in house financing.

Ready to drive away happy?

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