Re-financing Your Auto Loans

re financing

Used Cars and Trucks and Re-financing

Super Dave's Auto Sales is proud to offer a cost effective Re-Financing Program to clients with a proven record of on-time payments and good credit. Most people make the effort to find ways to save money with lower interest rates and monthly payments. One of the best ways to accomplish these goals is to alter the terms of agreement contained in your original auto loans. Has your credit score changed for the better since your initial contract? Your higher credit score will qualify you for re-financing from Super Dave's Auto Sales. We will negotiate a contract to match your improved financial situation. Our re-financing is a simple process that saves you time and costs after you have acquired one of our high quality used cars and trucks. Quite often, applications are handled online and complete in just one or two hours!

Put Cash in Your Pocket with Lower Interest Rates!

When you first approached us to inquire about our auto loans to buy one of our exceptional used cars, you may have had several negatives on your credit report. Maybe, you had no credit history at all. Super Dave's Auto Sales took this opportunity to assist you in developing better credit with our In-House Financing Program. Together, we built the way for your access to car ownership. At that time, slightly higher interest rates raised your monthly payments to balance your limited credit history. Now you have proved your good faith by honoring our financing agreement with several months of reliable car payments. We think that's great! It gives us a good reason to attempt to get you a lower interest rate. It gives you the chance to save money with easier payments!

Re-Negotiate the Best Auto Loans Terms and Rates!

Super Dave's Auto Sales aims to create accessible and affordable loans to anyone interested in used cars and trucks. We welcome you to come in and discuss your particular auto financing issue. We do not turn people away or automatically repossess simply because you missed a few payments! Our single most important interest is to find you auto loan solutions. Your complete satisfaction and absolute trust in our used cars and financial service is our top priority. We invite you to browse the rest of our Finance Pages or visit our FAQ for more information on our auto finance options. Please contact us for more information or to speak with one of our highly qualified sales team. We look forward to assisting you.