No Credit Car Loans

When a person has no credit, trying to get an auto loan can seem like a challenge. When a lender sees that a person has no credit, it doesn't give them any way to try to determine if a person is likely to pay them back for a car loan. Because of this reason, no credit car loans are often looked at in a similar way to a bad credit car loan. The lender will assume that if you can’t prove your credit to them, that it may not get paid.

If you are thinking of getting a car loan in the future, it’s a good idea to plan ahead. You should start by trying to establish some credit. Getting credit however when one has none can be a bit of a catch 22. People don’t want to give you credit because you have none, but if you cant get any, how can you prove you will be good to lend to in the future? Getting things such as a pre paid credit card or small payday loan are ways you can start building a credit profile. Although student loans and cell phone bills will show on one's credit, lenders do not look at them as good indicators of credit establishment.

If you are trying to get a no credit car loan now, that is no problem. At Super Dave’s, we have the best options for no credit auto loans and we will help put you on the path to great credit health for the future! Our goal is to help work with our customer by looking at their needs today and helping to also show our customer a great plan. This would consistent of making sure we can meet our customers budget and needs in a vehicle, then figuring out where they want to be in the long term if they are not able to buy their dream car right now. We will work with you to help put that plan together to get you driving your dream car!

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