Luxury Auto Importing & Locating Used Cars and Trucks or Pre Owned Vans

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Super Dave's Auto Sales is able to find a specific used car at the request of a client if that car is not  currently existing in  Super Dave's inventory. This is a great way to ensure the client finds the exact pre owned used car that they are looking for without compromising during their search for the best used cars available.

How  it works:

1) The client will consult with Super Dave's Auto Sales to decide on make, model, year, options, general kilometers, condition and price range for the used car  or pre owned vehicle they are looking for.

2) The client will show proof of their ability to purchase the car when it arrives either through a trade in, contact with the clients banker or by submitting a credit application for an auto loan.

3) Super Dave's Auto Sales will notify the client of the necessary nonrefundable deposit that is required to get the used car shipped in.

[Note: This deposit is required so that Super Dave's Auto Sales does not buy vehicles that do not fit the profile of the used cars and trucks and used vans we prefer to sell on our lot and then purchase that automobile, bring it in then have the client decide they no longer want the car. This deposit is due before Super Dave's Auto Sales will purchase the automobile.]

3) The client and Super Dave's Auto Sales will review and sign the used car dealers sale agreement that specifies the details that were agreed upon. This  includes the clients right to inspect the vehicle for mechanical issues before purchase is completed while  specifying the vehicle's condition upon arrival.

4) Super Dave's will then go out and find the used cars that fit the profile through the many channels that Super Dave's  uses to purchase vehicles such as a variety of used car dealers only auctions, wholesales contacts and other used car dealers that we deal with on a regular basis.

5) Next Super Dave's Auto Sales will purchase the vehicle & ship it to one of our used car dealerships where the vehicle will be Super Certified - This process involves having the automobile extensively inspected and then having all necessary repairs completed to the car -

6) The car will be detailed and finally delivered.

7) Once the vehicle has been approved the client will then complete payment for the automobile through certified check or an auto loan and Super Dave's Auto Sales will have the automobile title transferred into the client's name.