How Auto Finance Works

When searching for a used car, truck, SUV or van, one of the most important parts of that search is how to get a car loan. This means getting the best deal on auto finance. At Super Dave’s, when we finance used car’s, we have the best auto finance professionals in the industry to help you get a great deal.

How it works

When we start the process of getting customers auto loan approvals, we first ensure we have the largest pool of auto loan lenders available. It's very important to remember that every person's situation is different. Equally important is that each auto finance lender has a certain profile they prefer. Super Dave’s has access to all major automotive finance lenders including major banks, regional banks, private lenders and of course our own in-house financing.

Prime Credit Lenders

  • Bank Of Montreal
  • Royal Bank
  • TD Bank
  • National Bank
  • CIBC

Non-Prime Lenders

  • AXIS Finance
  • Carfinco
  • Eden Park
  • Fairstone
  • IA Auto Finance
  • Lendcare
  • Rifco
  • Auto Capital Canada
  • Scotia Dealer Advantage
  • Source One Financial
  • Start Fresh Finance

The next part of the car loan process is we need to get an application from our customer. This includes information on your income, job and address. We often have other questions that come up during the process as well. By best understanding your circumstances, it allows us to ensure we can get you the best car loan interest rates and auto finance terms from our different lenders.

Once we receive your information, we then take it to our auto finance lenders. We would show your application to a small group of our lenders that we think would give you the best interest rates and terms for your car loan. We make sure we get you the best car loan rates possible, then we present you the options.

Our job is to get you the best car loan interest rates and terms we can possibly get you!

Let us help!

Our dedicated and friendly sales professionals are standing by to help get you behind the wheel today!