Do you know your credit score?

A staggering 7 out of 10 people do not know their current credit score. Which is surprising in this era when there are free tools available that we can have right on our phones!

In Canada, our credit score is measured by a number between 300-900 which is calculated by an algorithm. The two major credit tracking companies are Trans Union and Equifax. The higher your credit score the easier it will be for you to acquire financial credit.

Healthy credit takes time to develop. Very much like “bad credit”, having no credit can make it very difficult to get a loan because the banks have no track record to base their decision on.

The average credit score in the Maritimes is 634 which falls short of the 660 minimum score required to get an auto loan. Although 634 is not a terrible score, if it is combined with a few missed payments or any accounts in collections, it may be challenging to get financed for the car you have been eying.

There is good news though, some car dealerships like Super Dave’s Auto Sales consider each person’s financial/credit situation on a case by case basis. They have financial experts specializing in creative payment solutions and even offer in-house financing to ensure everyone gets approved.

Getting a car loan does not have to be stressful. To get the process started you can fill out our 2 minute application at or reach anyone from our credit specialists at .

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