Need to get a car loan during a bankruptcy?

Getting a bankruptcy auto loan at Super Dave’s is as easy as filling out our simple and quick application. We have several great lenders including our own finance company that specialize in providing auto loan financing to individuals that have had a bankruptcy or are in bankruptcy now. We can even get instant approval financing, regardless of your bankruptcy.

Some may assume that with having a bankruptcy you would be unable to get an auto loan. That could not be further from the truth. In fact, often we can get individuals significantly better rates the day they sign a bankruptcy then before they went into their bankruptcy. The reason for this is the lender knows the customer no longer has any debt. They also know in general that after someone files a bankruptcy, there credit usually gets better, so they are considered a better risk for a bankruptcy auto finance loan.

Trying to get an auto loan once you are discharged from bankruptcy is also no problem. We have many lenders that view someone that is discharged from a bankruptcy as a great credit risk, so we can get great approvals!

In a Consumer Proposal?

Consumer proposal auto loans are very similar to bankruptcy auto loans. The main difference is the lender usually reviews your credit to know which lenders are getting paid back and they want to know the total amount of your monthly payment that is being paid to your creditors. They will calculate this payment in your debt amount to figure out how much of a payment they will allow you.

If you are looking to work on repairing your credit, getting a bankruptcy auto loan or consumer proposal auto finance is one of the best ways to start building new and great credit. You don’t need to wait until your bankruptcy is done either, you can start rebuilding your credit the second you sign your bankruptcy with a new bankruptcy auto loan.

At Super Dave’s we ensure no matter your credit situation, we treat all our customers with the same high level of service, respect and understanding you deserve. We are experts in getting bankruptcy auto loans and consumer proposal auto loans at the best interest rates and terms possible!

Feeling overwhelmed?

Our auto finance specialists can help make sense of your credit situation. Don't let it stress you out; contact us today!